Royalty splits to multiple wallets

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Hi, this is a fantastic platform and will revolutionise the music industry, I have a question regarding the "repeat royalty" payment that is automatically written in to the NFT on future sales...as many bands have several members, is it possible to have this royalty payment automated to pay a stipulated % into multiple wallets (instead of all just going onto "one" wallet)...also I would like to donate a percentage of my future re-sales to a charity...so this would allow me to split say the 10% royalty into 2 x 5% payments to two separate wallets...one of the wallets I would get the charity to set up from their end, this way it is 100% guaranteed that 50% of all my royalties would go straight to that charity...this would be much easier and also allow me to market this fact, so anyone purchasing my songs would be guaranteed that 50% of all future royalties (or whatever % another artist might choose) would be going directly to my preferred charity...is this possible?